How I successfully lose 20kg weight from my body

I never thought from my childhood there would be someday I will try to reduce my weight. I was not somebody who use to look like a fat guy. Rather I was more into a thin kinda body shape. And on some rare note, some of my friends use to laugh at my body because I was ridiculously thin.

Anyway, from that thin-shaped body I morph into something giant within a short period of time. Before 2015, I was around 65kg –  70kg. I couldn’t check my weight more often but when I did I found that the weight is in between those marks and it didn’t bother me at all. But after 2015 there’s something started to happen in my body and my weight started to grow up like crazy. Everybody around me could notice my change. Within a short period of time, my weight goes from 65kg to 80kg.

My face started to look like something different. When everybody around me started to talk about my transformation it got me thinking about my health. As I mentioned I never thought someday I would need to reduce my fat but this sudden transformation made me think about that. I was looking for a suitable way to reduce fat from the body. But never really thought about it strongly.

I started watching some random weight loss videos on YouTube and started following their advice. After following for a couple of days whether it turns out to be wrong advice or I lost my drive to follow those anymore. Anyway, there was a serious knowledge gap and lack of stamina in me to go through this strict path. But finally, after 4 to 5 years later one of my health problems lead me to successfully reduce 20kg of weight from my body. To know more about the Fatty Liver problem of mine you can read this article below.

How I survived Fatty Liver (NAFLD) Disease

How I developed Fatty Liver in my body that’s a long story. If you have interest in that topic you can read the mentioned article. The development of the Fatty Liver is also contributed by the sudden weight transformation of my body.

Various Failed Weight Lose attempts

As my weight was growing like crazy so I was more into any sort of solution to burn off fat from my body.  Followed various YouTube videos, suggestions from friends, advice from random people, and so on.

Gradually, from 2018 I started walking keeping the intention in mind to reduce fat. We use to walk 3 to 4 days per week around 5 – 10 kilometers per session. Also starts running in the morning. Me and also one of the other guys run for almost one month to reduce fat. But you know what I didn’t get any result, but why? It’s not like I couldn’t burn fat running or walking but rather the calories I was burning doing all those activities, I was intaking more than the burned amount of calories while I was at the meal table. So, that means the calories I have burnt with hard work just got refiled or to be precise I intake more than the burned calories. So these hard-working attempts go in vain and I was successfully failed.

Finally what made me successful?

Finally in 2020 when I was diagnosed with Fatty Liver. The doctor seriously prescribed me to lose weight and modify my lifestyle. And I took it seriously to educate myself on this topic and to follow it thoroughly. I started gathering information, reading lots of medical research papers, watching doctors’ videos on YouTube. And suddenly I come across the Ketogenic Diet through Dr. Jahangir Kabir and it sounds interesting to me. I started reading more on this topic and gathers more information. I found so many other Doctors’ who are also working in the same domain like, Dr. Eric Berg, Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Nadir Ali and so many others. Low Carb Down Under This particular YouTube channel helps me a lot in this journey to weight loss.

Low Carb Down Under is not just a simple YouTube channel it’s a life-changing research factory where a lot of like-minded doctors across the globe are sharing their findings for the people who want to stay well without any medications. Gathering information from all those doctors I come up with a routine lifestyle for me and those routine goes like this.

  • Here is the Diet Chart which I have followed although it is in Bangla I would try to make one in English
  • Every day I wake up early in the morning around 5 – 6 am
  • After praying Fazar prayer I went to do some exercise (Mostly cardio exercise, running, walking)
  • Coming back from exercise I took a glass of water mixed some lemon juice and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and some Himalayan Pink salt. Mixed it well and I drink it.
  • In the lunch meal, I have taken 2 – 3 eggs with yoks, 2 pieces of fish, fresh vegetables, peanut, coconut water.
  • Just like the lunch, in the same way, I have taken my dinner before 7 PM almost every day.
  • And I went to bed as early as possible between 9 PM to 11 PM.
  • Following the fat-adaptation process, I have done some Intermittent Fasting like taking the last meal of the day right before 6 PM and breaking the fast the very next day at 12 o’clock.
  • I have done 15 –  20 days of fasting and the rest of the days I have followed as usual diet.

It took me 3 to 4 months to follow the diet and reduce the fat. But this is not the end. As it is a good lifestyle so maintaining it for the rest of the life would be a smart choice. So it would be a good idea to keep following the ketogenic diet even after reaching your expected result.

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