Hi, there I am Jewel Mahmud, a Full-Stack freelance Web Developer based in Dhaka Bangladesh — with roots in Graphics Designing and Video Editing. I like to call myself a designer developer and dreamer. I’m passionate about books, religion, technology, nature, existence, and basically everything that makes you experience life to your fullest.

I was a business graduate student then switched it to English Literature, and I have completed my graduation in English Literature. All those literary works that I have read it gives me a sophisticated way of thinking about life and work.

I am working on building some of my own businesses. Currently I am working on building a media company called “Fusion Media Inc.” beside that I work on clients projects, ongoing freelance and other side projects. I find this balancing act to be super resourceful in terms of my learning as a web developer, as well as for keeping up with the rapid expansion of developer tools, libraries, frameworks, etc.

I love to play with videos and graphics beside my main interest as a web developer. My freelance web development roots are in Laravel, WordPress, VueJS, AngularJS, PHP, JavaScript of which I’m self taught. In 2014, I started at Edx.org to broaden my knowledge of the Python and some other technologies. Since then, I fell in love with & have been working on it to build some cool projects.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to get started on a app or web development project with a freelance web developer, a developer looking to collaborate on something cool, or just wanting to say hi, shoot me a message at hello@jewelmahmud.com and let’s work together.